24/7 wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity and other critical control points

  • Smart Tags continuously monitor temperature-controlled environments
  • Web and Mobile dashboards display critical control point information
  • Reports provide easy access to compliance and task management records
  • Configurable real alerts and notifications delivered via SMS and Email
  • Business Intelligence reports provide enterprise and site level KPI’s
  • Optimise performance and quality management

In the food industry, our smart tags are placed in temperature-controlled environments (e.g. fridges, display cabinets, freezers and cool-rooms) to comply with food safety regulations and HACCP programs. CCP can also be used in other industries; for example, in the health industry, our solution is being used to monitor vaccine and temperature-sensitive research material storage environments.

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Smart Internet-of- Things (IoT) Sensors

Unlike most sensors, CCP’s Smart Tags store and process the monitoring business rules on-board. It’s a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

Big Data Analytics

CCP’s platform captures critical control point data in a platform designed to process massive amounts of information. Our platform conducts predictive analytics using machine learning techniques to predict future behaviour and support optimisation.

Web and Mobile Dashboards

CCP harnesses the power of big data analytics to enable more intuitive business decision making. By presenting information in web and mobile dashboards, our solution enables businesses to gain crucial insights and benefit from true business intelligence.


Compliance requirements, such as HACCP and other risk management programmes, will always be something businesses need to adhere to. CCP’s fully automated solution makes manual recording obsolete and provides automated records and reporting

Configurable Real Alerts

When our smart tag determines an out-of-tolerance event (e.g. a sustained temperature or humidity breach over a timeframe) occurs, it immediately communicates directly to our cloud-based application to trigger an alert; that’s the proactive wireless monitoring approach you need to reduce risk.

CCP has found that between 4% to 5% of refrigerated systems fail each year. Being notified by CCP before a catastrophic failure occurs provides the opportunity to save thousands of dollars’ worth of food and undertake maintenance. This demonstrates the value of real alerts.

Business Intelligence at your Fingertips

CCP provides enterprise grade business intelligence. Critical control point information is continuously updated and displayed on dashboards that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device. This allows business users to instantly see the information they need to, whether they are in the office or on the go, and within hierarchies to align with organisation governance.

Optimise Performance and Quality Management

Business performance and efficiency can only be maximised with access to accurate, real-time information on demand. Because CCP interprets and analyses large volumes of data and delivers instant notifications, advanced diagnostics, as well as graphic and tabular reports, businesses have everything they need to make informed, real-time decisions that drive management efficiency.
By using CCP’s solution, businesses can proactively reduce wastage, improve efficiency and increase effectiveness – all of which help to lower business costs.