CCP’s partnership with Sigfox in the US is moving forward with the testing of its Smart Sensors on their LPWAN. We are testing our Sigfox Smart Sensors at one of our existing customer sites, the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota.

Sixfox’s technology enables the transfer of data using a wide-reaching signal that passes freely through solid objects (such as lot’s of concrete in a sports arena), called “ultra-narrowband”. The Sigfox Low-power Wide-area network (LPWAN) utilizes 902MHz in the US.

The Xcel Energy Center is a great testing location due to its size, number of coolers, and large amount of building materials that data must pass though to reach certain locations. Testing should be completed in October 2017.

CCP supports easy access to accurate data in an easy-to-understand digital format. This allows chefs to reduce waste, increase quality and ensure food safety. In addition, energy savings are realized by identifying faulty seals, damaged auto-closers and temperature trends during periods of highest and lowest use.

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