In the affluent Melbourne suburb of Beaumaris, you’ll find serious coffee at Watkins Bay Coffee Trading Company.

“Our customers demand excellence in food and drinks and that’s what we strive for every day,” manager Tom Finlay said.

In this Port Phillip Bay neighbourhood, their semi-industrial café is known for its in-house roasting using premium single-origin and single-estate beans.

“When you set the bar high with delicious coffee, everything else has to reinforce the reputation we’ve forged. That means we have a focus on serving great food,” Tom said.

Watkins Bay are innovative, so it’s not surprising they’ve installed the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology to ensure all stored foods are kept in optimal condition. Automated 24/7 temperature monitoring is more reliable and accurate than manual checking with thermometers.

“In cafés, refrigerators are critical. If fridges fail, customer service is inevitably disrupted. With CCP in place, fridges are continuously monitored which is much better than manual checks,” Tom said.

If temperature tolerances in its fridges and display cabinets are breached because of power or mechanical failure, an alert is sent by email and SMS.

CCP’s CEO Michael White said that by using this technology, Watkins Bay is reducing business risk.

“Most cafés manually check refrigerators during the day and this takes up valuable time; and most operators have no idea if their fridges fail at night.  With CCP installed Watkins Bay are continuously monitoring temperature 24/7 to underpin food safety and quality,” he said.

Find Watkins Bay at Shop 2, 326 Balcombe Road, Beaumaris, Victoria.

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