One of the largest training providers in Victoria, Holmesglen Institute, prides itself on keeping students up-to-date with the latest technology. Now, budding chefs at Holmesglen are learning to keep things cool in the kitchen with the latest in wireless monitoring solutions from CCP.

Part of the Internet of Things (IoT), CCP is used to continuously monitor temperature, humidity and other critical control points. In the connected kitchen, CCP’s IoT network captures, logs and communicates critical control point information.

At Holmesglen, refrigeration equipment is monitored 24/7 using CCP’s smart tags. In the event of temperature readings outside a predetermined range, alert notifications are sent via email and/or SMS. By using CCP’s business intelligence tools, staff can teach students how to improve refrigeration performance. Optimising refrigeration underpins food quality, reduces food waste, reduces energy bills and strengthens food safety programmes.

Greg O’Shea, Manager of Hospitality, Cookery and Bakery at Holmesglen Moorabbin, said CCP monitoring offers an opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of using technology in the kitchen.

“The connected commercial kitchen using IoT technology is the new frontier in the food service industry. CCP offers us a practical demonstration of how this technology will shape kitchen operations in the future,” he said.

CCP’s CEO Michael White said Holmesglen has a tradition of producing great chefs, and keeping up with new technology ensures that the next generation will be tech-savvy.

“We welcome Holmesglen as a new CCP customer. And being able to showcase our technology to future leaders in the food service industry is a fantastic opportunity,” he said.

Holmesglen and CCP will explore the integration of wireless temperature probes to support food preparation and other kitchen equipment to expand the connected kitchen demonstration.

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