Anthony McGregor, owner of Anthony’s Platinum Butchers in Victoria, knows what it’s like to lose his entire stock from catastrophic refrigeration failure. A previous disaster prompted this Vermont South business to install a low-cost remote monitoring system from CCP Technologies.

Owner Anthony McGregor says after installing CCP’s temperature sensor tags, he now has peace of mind.

“With CCP installed, I can sleep at night,” he says. “If there’s any drama with my fridges, I’ll receive an alert on my phone.”

Any fridge temperature fluctuations outside the norm will be relayed to Anthony via SMS. Monitoring critical control points such as temperature and humidity in food supply chains is one of the innovations resulting from the Internet of Things (IoT).

CCP’s wireless sensor tags are like proactive digital fridge thermometers, with parameters for correct temperature control stored inside them. When a tag determines an out-of-tolerance event, CCP transmits an SMS/email alert.

Michael White, CCP’s CEO, says better technology is replacing out-dated thermometers and data loggers in all parts of the food supply chain by connecting the physical world to the internet.

“Substantial changes in commercial and regulatory environments are acting as drivers in the widespread adoption of automated, 24/7 temperature monitoring solutions,” he said.

“For businesses in the meat supply chain, like butchers, temperature is a critical control point and fridges are critical assets. By installing CCP, Anthony has reduced his business risk.”

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