Fresh Catering is one of Sydney’s premier catering companies – repeatedly selected by leading event organisers for excellence in food and service.

To maximise food safety and quality, Fresh Catering is using CCP to monitor its walk-in coolroom and freezers.

“We consistently deliver excellence in everything we do; and our production facilities are mission critical,” culinary director Geoff Haviland said.

Low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) sensors continuously monitor temperatures 24/7. If temperature tolerances are breached because of power or mechanical failure, an alert is sent by email and SMS; and Fresh Catering has already benefited from this.

Pastry Freezer Failure - Fresh CateringOn an early Sunday morning in mid-January 2017, the pastry freezer at Fresh Catering failed. CCP’s alert notification enabled the team at Fresh Catering to respond; ensuring the valuable product in the freezer wasn’t compromised.

“CCP’s initial alert notification saved us thousands of dollars. We moved product out of the pastry freezer to protect its integrity. The second notification ensured repairs were properly completed,” Geoff said.

Innovation is embedded in Fresh Catering business.

“Fresh Catering is widely known for offering an innovative menu; however, they’re also embracing innovation in their connected kitchen,” CCP’s chief executive Michael White said.

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