Earth Walker - Coledale NSWSuper fresh, locally sourced produce has become the cornerstone of the success of a recently opened café and general store in the NSW beachside suburb of Coledale, north of Wollongong.

“We have had a response to the café that has exceeded our expectations,” owners Ciara Kulmar, Bianca Poscoliero and Maxine Walker said.

Earth Walker & Co is a stylish general store which is complemented by a modern, light-filled on-trend café.

“We focused on the highest quality, freshest local produce which our customers have warmly embraced,” the owners said.

To ensure all stored foods are kept in optimal condition, Earth Walker is using CCP to monitor its fridges, cool-room, freezers and display cabinets.

The small, low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) sensors continuously monitor temperatures. If temperature tolerances are breached because of power or mechanical failure, an alert is sent by email and SMS.

Breakfast at Earth Walker @ Coledale NSW

Breakfast at Earth Walker & Co, Coledale NSW

Automated 24/7 temperature monitoring is more reliable and accurate than manual checking with thermometers. By using this technology, Earth Walker is strengthening food safety and optimising refrigeration performance which is crucial when carrying high-end perishable products.

“We’ve used CCP’s temperature graphs to ensure our fridges are doing their jobs. It has allowed even new fridges to be tuned so that we’re maximising shelf-life and reducing food waste,” Bianca Poscoliero said.

“And in a busy business, there’s an important additional benefit: CCP has also allowed us to reduce paper work,” Bianca said.

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