Purebred-Meats-ThirroulThe latest wireless monitoring technology is helping Purebred Meats Thirroul deliver the best produce to their customers.

Purebred Meats, located near Wollongong in NSW, has teamed up with CCP Technologies to monitor temperatures and optimise refrigerator performance to maintain meat quality.

CCP’s solution enables businesses like Purebred Meats to wirelessly monitor temperatures 24/7 – without having to be on site. If fridges vary from their acceptable operating temperatures, Purebred Meats’ owners Peter and Marian Deiure receive email and SMS notifications. They can also check temperature graphs at any time using their smartphones or via the web.

“CCP provides me with peace of mind that our fridges are doing the job they’re supposed to be doing,” Peter Deiure said.

“I’m used to buying livestock at the saleyards, from the paddock to the plate, and from local farmers when stock is available. Making sure the meat is kept in the best conditions possible is paramount for our business.”

Based in the Wollongong region, CCP’s Executive Director and COO Anthony Rowley said CCP’s plug and play monitoring system could be applied with ease to businesses of any size.

“In the meat supply chain, temperature is a critical control point and fridges are key assets,” he said.

“I’m happy that businesses like Peter and Marian’s can take advantage of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology, where they can use CCP’s solution to check up on fridge performance, no matter where they are.

“The kind of smart technology that CCP offers aligns with the goals of all businesses, big and small, to be able to gather immediate data on the condition of their produce.”

Purebred Meats is now looking at CCP’s humidity monitoring solutions as a next step in the critical control of their meat supply chain.


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