The café business is demanding. Australia’s coffee culture and the growing number of small speciality cafes and coffee shops have resulted in a high level of competition. Customers set high expectations and it’s easy for them to take their business elsewhere.

At Get York Coffee in Sydney’s CBD, Shawn, the owner, brings a refreshing down-to-earth approach to service delivery. Shawn’s team are constantly on their feet all day serving great food and beverages. In this café, there’s a clockwork routine, which starts first thing in the morning to ensure the business runs smoothly all day. As Shawn says “we can’t afford any disruption to our business and we rely on our equipment to be fully operational; if we’re not on our game, customers walk”.

Reliable refrigeration systems are critical to all businesses handling perishable food.

Refrigeration system failures can have serious consequences. When a failure occurs, it causes disruption to business, food loss and repair costs; and of course, when temperature sensitive foods breach cold chain specifications, people’s lives are at risk.

Get York Coffee now uses CCP’s state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) smart tags to monitor refrigeration temperature. “Prior to installing the CCP solution, we experienced two separate occasions when a refrigerator failed. On one occasion, we discovered the refrigerator failure in the morning, which impacted customer service” Shawn said.

On 21 March 2016, CCP detected a temperature tolerance breach at Get York Coffee, which triggered an alert. On receiving the first notification, Shawn acted immediately. “The real-time notification enabled me to relocate food – saving at least $2,000”. The faulty refrigerator was eventually repaired with no loss of food or service.

CCP alerts the cafe owner to a fridge failure.

Get York Coffee prides itself on quality serving fresh and safe food. Shawn said, “CCP’s low monthly cost is value for money insurance against loss of income and business disruption, which is particularly important for our small business”.

CCP CEO, Michael White said, “drop in and see Shawn at 1 York St, CBD, Sydney – he serves great coffee and delicious meals; and we’re delighted to have helped him keep the business ticking over”.

CCP is an advanced temperature and environment monitoring technology that is affordable, empowers decision-making and protects your reputation.