JABURRITOS! They are trending. They are sushi. They trust CCP.

JABURRITOS! They are trending. They are sushi. They trust CCP.

The sushi burrito has been popularized over the past few years so it is no wonder that Jaburrito’s has become a Las Vegas mainstay eatery since opening in 2015.

Restaurateur Ken Aoki has now opened his 2nd Jaburrito location in Las Vegas and he has chosen to partner with CCP for his critical temperature monitoring of fish and fresh produce.

Ken understands the importance of food safety when it comes to his brand. As a food start up concept with plans to open more locations in the near future, including national franchise opportunities, CCP is excited for the opportunity for growth (and safe, awesome tasting sushi burritos)!

CCP supports easy access to accurate data in an easy-to-understand digital format. This allows chefs to reduce waste, increase quality and ensure food safety. In addition, energy savings are realized by identifying faulty seals, damaged auto-closers and temperature trends during periods of highest and lowest use

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