The Smart Tags that give you peace of mind

Information at your fingertips, anywhere anytime

Real-time access to your critical control points

Analytics which interpret data to improve decision making

24/7 wireless monitoring of temperature and other critical control points from just 50 cents per day

Smart Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors

CCP Smart Tags capture data and our cloud solution presents compliance information and business intelligence through dashboards, alerts and notifications, and reports via web and mobile applications.

Harness business intelligence for improved decision making

CCP’s big data platform and advanced analytics creates business intelligence to deliver HACCP compliance, supports preventative maintenance and provides business and operational KPI’s. Better decision making leads to improved business efficiency, brand protection and the opportunity to reduce waste, energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

A true IoT Solution

Unlike other monitoring solutions, CCP deploys a range of communication technologies such as WiFi, NFC, 4G Cellular, Sigfox and NB IOT to provide the most reliable and cost effective solution implementations. CCP offers interoperability with other IoT platforms, ERP systems and data sources to provide maximum flexibility and versatility to our enterprise customers.

Advanced Simplicity

  • CCP Smart Tags are easy to configure
  • Our solution is simple to install and set-up
  • Mobile and web applications are intuitive
  • Automated Business Intelligence is instantly accessible

CCP is Proud to Protect Our Clients

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